Wine Cellar Refrigeration

Wine Cellar Refrigeration

DK Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration can answer all your wine cellar refrigeration questions to ensure you receive the cooling unit best suited for your needs. The most important function of a cooling unit is to balance both temperature and humidity within the cellar, but other choices such as noise level and appearance may be important as well.

We offer three types of cooling units: through-the-wall systems, split systems and air handler systems in a variety of sizes, styles and models.

Ideal Wine Cellar Conditions

Most experts recommend an average temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit for all wine storage. Cooler temperatures won’t damage your wine but will slow its development. A temperature of 65 degrees or more will have a negative effect on wine the longer it’s stored.

The ideal humidity in your wine cellar should be 60-70% but anything over 50% is acceptable. High humidity, 80% or more, may cause mold to form on corks and bottles. In addition, ideal long-term wine storage should avoid heat, direct light and vibration.

Wine Cellar Making Process

Wine Storage 101

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